Zoë Wedel
UX Director, Manager, Lead Designer

Hey there! I’m a UX leader with 6+ years experience building B2B solutions. My role is to create an environment where designers thrive.

My design philosophy

Help people belong
Help others feel they belong and are capable. Among other things, I train on how to show appreciation, give everyone a voice in group meetings and critiques, and act as coach and challenger when problem solving.
Trust the process
Lean into design thinking and other leading frameworks to support better decision-making. Encourage rigor in research to ensure decisions are data driven. Develop toolkits and templates so designers aren’t working from square one.
Focus on outcomes
Work collaboratively to agree on  outcomes that are aligned with business’ strategic goals, solve a real customer problem and are realistic to achieve. We’ll be making bets, let’s make sure we have a way to measure whether or not they are successful.

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